Friday, July 20, 2012

Michigan Stadium > Ohio Stadium

The Wolverines are 4 months and 4 days away from playing their biggest rival, Ohio State. The rival, known as The Game, alternates between the two schools each season. Michigan hosts the game in odd years and Ohio State hosts in even years meaning the upcoming match-up will be at Ohio Stadium. Alternating The Game each year makes sense, but Michigan hosting the game every year would make more sense. Yes, it would give Michigan home field advantage, but Buckeye fans, stop complaining, Columbus is just over 3 hours away. If you really want to come and cheer on your team, it isn’t that long of a trip. The most notable reason The Game should be at Michigan each year is the stadium size. Michigan Stadium isn’t nicknamed “The Big House” for no reason. It can hold 7,572 more fans than Ohio Stadium. Bottom line, Michigan Stadium has always been and always will be bigger than Ohio Stadium and the graph below is proof.

Clearly, Michigan Stadium is bigger and better, but The Game will continue to alternate between schools. Michigan fans, make sure you are decked out in maize and blue Michigan apparel for the 2012 game, it will make Ohio Stadium look a little better. 

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